Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Goodbye, so long, auf wiedersehen, good night...."

It's the end of the Fall Season.  The weather is about to turn cold and the wind will finish blowing all the leaves off the trees.  Today I'm saying goodbye to all the things that happened this year.  It's been a banner year for learning, doing, and being.  Goodbye, greenhouse, see you in the late winter when the days are just beginning to get a smidge longer.  I'll be putting in seed trays full of tomatoes onions, broccoli, peppers...
Goodbye, beautiful fall leaves.  You have graced my house with beautiful color and much needed shade.

Goodbye to the last of the herbs...your days are quite literally numbered....Goodbye curly-leaf parsley...

Goodbye, flatleaf parsley....
 Goodbye little rosebud....
Things that were accomplished this year:  Chicken keeping comes to mind.  Having a water well drilled.  Remodeling the back side of the house....changed location of the back door:

Took out three sets of sliding glass doors and put in a french door:
A new wall in place of the third sliding glass door:

The new HVAC unit that had to be installed in the hottest week of this past summer:

But I'm not through with this year, just because the weather is worsening and the nights are longer.  I have a lot to look forward to.  I'm going to have grandchicks!  Probably in just a couple of weeks, too.  The little hen has gone in to her 'trance' and if concentration and focus can hatch eggs, then she is a champ!
Proud Papa and Little Sister:

I hope the chicks make it through the winter....Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!