Monday, July 8, 2013

Making Compost Tea

Just as an experiment, I have dug up a portion of the chicken pen floor--which is composted chicken manure--and put some of it into a bucket, which I have filled with water.  I dug three five-gallon buckets full of the composted chicken manure mixed with hay and dirt.  I put the bulk of these buckets into a large rubbermaid-type trash receptacle and put the lid on it.  I want it to "cook" a little longer.  I had put some grass clippings in the receptacle last week after mowing the yard.

I drained off some of the liquid in the bucket filled with the manure/water mixture into a plastic jar (used whey protein container) and poured it on the blackberry bushes, fig trees, blueberry bushes, and tomatoes.  Yes, it goes a long way.

Now to wait and see if it boosts the production of the hard to wait!

Just a follow up....

Just wanted to follow up on my last post about cutting the cable cord.  I absolutely love it!  I have no problem turning off the television at night during 'prime time'.  I am enjoying the time to read.  Books are always better than the movies anyway.  I am also busy with summertime activities in the garden, orchard and chicken coop.  Sitting on the back porch watching hummingbirds at the feeder is another favorite pastime.  Not to forget yard work!  The more it rains, frequent mowings are in order.  We have been blessed with more rain this year than in the past two.  Love it!  Love my life.  The vegetation and flowers are beautiful this year.

I'm looking forward to the garden harvest.  I have planted three new items this year:  Jerusalem artichokes; Bolivian Sun Roots; and butternut and kuri winter squash.  May the Lord bless these efforts!  I'm picking blackberries every day now.  The blueberries and plums were a bust:  too much rain, birds/animals' invasions; maybe not enough fertilizer.  Looking forward to next year for these.  That's what a garden is for, to provide hope.