Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Hog Rung Chicken Pen

by Patsy Melton
I reinforced my dog kennel by attaching chicken wire to keep predators away from my little sisters (and brother)....the only thing is, I did it with plastic cable ties.   It's been a long, hot, dry summer and I'm thinking I need to replace the plastic cable ties with something more sturdy.  A friend suggested aluminum electrical wire--thin, strong, lightweight, and (gasp!) expensive as all get-out.  I explained my plight to the youngster in the local Tractor Supply and he suggested I use hog rings.  Hog rings??  What?  Then he explained how they would be squeezed together around both the kennel wire and chicken wire to hold them together.  Made a little more sense to me.
And they were CHEAP!  Even after buying the special wrench/handle that squeezed them it was still a deal.
And they should last thru the hottest summer and coldest winter.  We'll see.  The little sisters thanked me prodigiously with eggs. http://communitychickens.com/images/blogs/patsy.jpg

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